conservatoire des ocres

Ochres from Roussillon

There are places in this world, I have to go there again and again and so I went last Friday. Roussillon, more precisely, the Conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur is such a place. Here I learned all the old techniques of wall plastering, here I always buy pigments and tools for my paintings and wall design, here I get advice and answers to technical questions.
This is such a beautiful place, it is so pleasant to stroll through the rooms of the old ochre mill and get inspired by all these wonderful colours.
And of course, I always find new pigments, this time a new blue 🙂

Learning Russian

Learning Russian in one week

Last week I went to school for learning Russian. I had several attempts to learn the language and this time, finally, the school found a native Russian speaker. So I freed myself for a week to start learning this language. I better need to say re-learning it, because I learned it more than 40 years ago at school. When I started learning French, quite often Russian words came into my mind. A funny thing how memory works 😉
I booked a 30 hours intensive, one-to-one course, 3 hours with the teacher each morning (without any break!), another three hours online work and after that, there was some homework to do.
After three days, I woke up at night, conjugating Russian verbs.

я читаю, ты читаежь, он / она читает, мы читаем,…

I have to admit, that I am very happy the school could not provide the online course on time so that I only had the morning lessons. It was hard, really demanding (the instructions were given in French!) and just before noon I spoke by mixing every language I am capable of.
Aft the end of this week I recall the basic grammar and many more vocables which were deeply hidden in my brain 😉
There is still a long way to go but with the help of some friends and my very patient teacher Irina, I’ll master it.